2 comments on “The Restless Dead- EVE’s vast former Player population

  1. I am one of the “un-subbed” and recently received the 60 day $19.99 come back on one of my characters. Problem is I was in the nullsec power blocks and things changed. Billions worth of stuff is now stuck in the middle of nowhere. I am debating coming back. I follow the blogs and sometimes the podcast(s).
    Hope to see you on Tranquility!! Fly Safe!

  2. I played for 3 months just over a year ago and let it expire due to the cost. Recently I was talking about other MMOs and EVE to a friend and found myself thinking “Why the heck did I leave?!” EVE was amazing – and really the subscription fee is worth it for the entertainment I am getting out of it. I recently have joined up again (with out a buddy invite for extra ISK) and started a whole new character. I just finished the sister of EVE epic story arch and am really enjoying a slow grind up through hisec life into low sec and w-space. My first ship loss hurt like hell. That real sense of RISK really makes it all worth for me.

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