One comment on “Fixing EVE- Part 1- The Problem in Nullsec

  1. Yes, force projection is a serious problem. One of the major problems in eve I dare to say.
    EHPs to grind for sov is another big problem. You need supers to attack sov if you don’t want to bore out your members.

    Moons generate a passive material income to the big sov holders. No small entity can change or compete with that. And there is no simple solution to solve the problem. But there are ways to counter this problems.

    1. Lower force projection, the ideas out there are many to achieve that. Spool up timers, lower jump ranges, getting rid of it all together. I favor the spool up time so you can block the enemy before he hits.

    2. No monopoly for moons. Mechanics to get that material with other actions and not so passive income. Combined with different ways to disrupt those actions.
    Placing the moonharvester outside the forcefield and make it hack able so a raiding force can steal the income.

    3. Make sov mechanics a hacking challenge instead of stupid ehp grinding. Small entities than could threaten sov holders as there is no need to supply large ships do get through fast. Instead the enemy has to be there and defend it, soon.

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