7 comments on “Trials and Tribulations of a solo top

    • Rumble is a strong character no doubt but i find that he falls down to certain champs (take for example Udyr) because they do more damage if they turn to fight and have better sustain

  1. Overall good, but a little dissapointed Irelia didn’t get a mention. Starting off with Hiten Style, Cloth 5 pot she is pretty deadly and can out sustain most of these champs.

    • It’s not that i think she’s a bad solo top, in fact one of my friends manned Irelia solo top before he found his true calling (or cheseness) in jungle Skarner (thank god he got nerfed) it’s just that i don’t actually own her and have only played solo top a times she’s been on free- but i’ve played against her plenty so i’ll add her and she’s a strong contender for first or second tier solo top

  2. Solo top nunu is just great. His ice blast does tons of dmg(according that you build him as ap carry) and consume lets him stay in lane as long as he has mana or as long as he can keep auto attacking. So I think you should mention Nunu too.

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